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So you're on Twitter. Of course you are. But is this all there is? Nope, because now you can battle friends and foes for "Mojo" ratings and see just how well you stack up. You think popularity only mattered in high school? Think again. Oh, if your not a Twitter user you can still play along by snooping on how others stack up next to one another. Don't be a regular twit, be a champ -- try it here at twitchamp.com

How many Websites, TV shows, Blogs and print rags track like so many Daniel Boones every misstep, peccadillo, etc. of our celebrity classes? Let's see... One, two, three thousand two hundred twenty-five.

But wait, what about the stuff that's going on all around us every day? What's going on right outside your office in the hall, around back where the smokers hang out, behind the boss's closed door or those crampy-damp conference rooms before the meeting starts -- or better, right after the meeting.

Yah, this is the interesting reading, and officegossip.com aims to cull from (mostly) online sources what's really happening in the thousands of ostensibly mundane offices around the U.S. and beyond.

All local is local.

Wha? That's right. Everything in the online "space" from social media, shopping deals, digital personals to gaming -- anything that really matters -- is either foursquarely targeting local audiences or tweetering on the edge of doing so. But who is bringing all the stories together under one roof? That's an aim of one of the founders of the original local online service called Digital City (in the mid-1990s).

It's a big task, but someone's gotta do it.

There comes a time when you just need to know. You need to know what people really think, but you also want to spare yourself embarrassment and anyone else the need to mumble sweet lies.

Enter skinnyonme.com.

Soon you'll be able to request reviews anonymously (and offer them as well) in a private forum with skinnyonme as the facilitator. Gather up your questions and get ready to hear the skinny on, well, you!


So you're an adult now, or close to it. And your head is filled with all the usual flotsam as the ratio of fun-to-responsibility begins to flip. But there it remains... That nagging memory traversing all your stages of maturation: The memory of that jerk bully who made your life a living hell.

BULLYfinders.com helps you find the central figure in your subconscious' tumult and with our tools finally reach back to them (anonymously if you like) and deliver a few choice thoughts -- or maybe reconcile things so you can at last move on. And bullies looking to make things right? This is for you as well. Look for BULLYfinders in the near future.


Maybe you saw his profile but were just this side of timid for a tweet. That's sorta where we'll come in... twteepie will contact the twigital apple of your eye on your behalf with a friendly ice-breaker. twteepie will also help with those 'missed connections' -- see someone on the A train but too afraid to say hey? Grab your celly, snap their pic, send to us along with a location and we'll send out a search party.

You want to know what people think about you and your work - you friends, colleagues, former friends. Come on, you do. But heck, you're not about to ask them, and those corporate 360s you did at the office were not that useful were they? And what about privacy, anyway?

swarmme to the rescue... Soon you'll be able to issue templated (or custom), entertaining micro-surveys to anyone you want and at last you'll get that unfettered point of view on you. Question is, are you up to it?


Soon you'll have a place to talk to other pre-funded startups, prospect for developers (and developers prospect for inspiring work), find idea people and those who can execute. but perhaps most of all unfunded.com will help find that most elusive of all things: angel-seed-venture capital.

This is not an incubator but rather a place for all in the startup community to find what they want.

More details will follow so stay tuned.


You're not using your Sig File are you? Or maybe it's jammed full of your company's digits. Get with it and start spouting about the products or brands or orgs you love - and earn credits for clicks. We'll make it super simple to find and embed cool graphics in your email Signature File. Just pick and click.



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